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Upvc doors, the main issues.

Upvc doors are a modular system. The main components are as follows.

  1. Firstly you have the hollow Upvc box sections welded together to form a rectangle (that being the door), then a plastic panel or double glazed unit is inserted to complete the door ready for the locks, handles and hinges to be fitted. 
  2. The door handles are usually used to push out the locking bolts and to withdraw the latch. Always supplied in pairs.
  3. The internal multi-locking mechanism (complete with the bolts that pass into the frame) this always has a gearbox fitted.
  4. The locking cylinder, usuall a euro profile (lollipop shaped).
  5. The frame keeps screwed to the door frame that the locking bolts and latch engage into.
  6. Lastly the hinges, usually a minimum of 3 should be fitted, but bigger and heavier doors require more. Hinges come in a great many styles, the better ones are adjustable.

Example of a Upvc door locking mechanism

Upvc door mechanism

Upvc doors, so what goes wrong?

The gearbox

By far the most common component to break is the gearbox. These generally last between 10-12 years of normal use. They are often a bit of a struggle to lock/unlock first although they do also just suddenly fail without indication. The options are either to replace the gearbox if a spare is available or the entire mechanism if not.

The alignment between the door and frame

Very common issue, we see this 2 to 3 times a week. It usually shows on doors after a few years of use. It is very important that this is corrected, the whole locking/unlocking operation relies on this being correct. Indications of this not being right are, the door scrapes on the threshold and/or the door catches the lock keeps on the frame and/or the locks seem to work OK when the door is open but difficult to use when the door is in the closed position.

The lock cylinder

Usually a euro shaped cylinder (a lollipop shape) is used, although there are a couple of rarer models out there. 10 plus years of use is usually normal. Older ones are a lot less secure than new designs, every cylinder we supply is as a minimum anti-pick and anti-snap.

The handles

The handles wear out after a few years, sometimes the handles comes a way from the back plate or develop a lot of play, sometimes the spring cartridges fail (used to return the handle to the horizontal position after releasing).

The hinges

The hinges come in various degrees of quality and the range of adjustment they offer. They also occasionally snap. Hinges that have a good deal of adjustment can make the door work so much better, particularly on composite doors. We regularly are replacing and upgrading hinges on customer’s doors.

We fix all of these of problems!

Basic Upvc hinge

Left. A very basic Upvc door hinge offering no adjustments.

Right. A better Upvc door hinge design offering adjustments for up & down, left & right plus in and out too.

Above. A very basic Upvc door hinge offering no adjustments.

Below. A better Upvc door hinge design offering adjustments for up & down, left & right plus in and out too.

Upvc door hinge

Upvc window repairs

There are 3 main components in Upvc windows that fail and we regularly replace these parts from stock, they are as follows.

Window locking mechanism

Upvc window lock

Window locking handle.

Upvc window locking handle

Stainless steel Upvc window hinge

Upvc window hinge
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