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Our High Security Lock Cylinders

Our range of registered key systems offers:

  • A high level of protection against unauthorised key duplication.
  • 32 billion locking possibilities.
  • All cylinders are very pick resistant.
  • Drilling and plug pulling protected
  • Double Profile with side bar
  • Highly durable nickel silver keys
  • European Patented.
  • These locks are highly suitable for masterkey applications.
Euro double cylinder

A cut away section of our euro double cylinder lock. This is a modular system which allows us to build cylinders to suit any thickness of door, whether the lock is centred or offset within the door.

Shown here is a nickel silver high security key.

Our cylinders can have all the options keying options below.

Keyed to differ. This means each lock has a completely unique key to open it.

Keyed to differ lock cylinders

Keyed alike. This means a single key can open many cylinders.

Lock cylinders keyed alike

Master keyed. This can be designed so you can have a combination of keyed to differ and keyed alike plus a master key to open many cylinders. A huge variety of options are available.

Master keyed lock cylinders

Below are many of the cylinder types in common use compatible with our system

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