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I get asked to open and sometimes to fit electronic door locks to Upvc and composite doors. After working on many of them I thought I would post my opinion (and that is don’t do it!).
Starting at the beginning, is a key really such a large object that it’s become necessary to spend several £100’s to avoid?
Most electronic lock systems for Upvc and composite doors are now working from your mobile phone either by Bluetooth or Wifi. I ask, how big is the phone~v~the key?

Pros:   1) You don’t need to carry a key. 2) The key is well proven technology, rarely fails. 3) Inexpensive.

Cons:  1) You have to carry a phone.
2) The key doesn’t lose pairing with the lock
3) The key doesn’t run out of battery (phone or lock)
4) The key is considerably cheaper than a phone/ electronic locking system

Some earlier models of the electronic locks had a key over-ride so in the event of a malfunction a key could be used to open the door (so then you need to carry a key, isn’t that what we were trying to avoid?) The key over-ride function seems to be absent from most models now.
In the event of a malfunction with the lock (i.e loses it’s pairing with the phone or generally has a system error) there is little that can be done besides destroying it to gain entry.

Some have fingerprint reading options, I have never found one to work reliably yet. The fingerprint reader on mobiles can be hit and miss, the lock companies don’t have the budget compared to Apple/Google etc and even they can’t get it to work correctly for everyone.

Maybe there will be a time when they will work well, but that time is not now…….IMHO.

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